Matthews Asia | animated video
Client work | Illustration & gif collection
Russia 2018 | poster
love thy neighbourhood | illustration series
The Oliviers | illustration series
Indiefin | Illustration and animation | animation and illustration
Software client | Style frames
Medical storyboards | animation
Spot illustrations | collection
UFC | Style exploration
Client work | Illustration collection
Dixit | character design and animation | Video and artwork
Carmila | Character Design
Bot Central | Animation
Various Style Frames / Illustrations
Medical Brand | character & gif animations
Mullen Lowe
Huckleberry app & gifs
The golden age
More GIF animations
Sodexo | Infographics
London Stock Exchange
Editorial / style frames
ACHA character design
Banking poster ( Unused )
Dribbble collection v.2
Untold story - animation frames character design
Book cover collection
GIF animations collection
Style frame / Dribble shot collection
Baseball Spots
Olympics | Rio 2016
Tour de France
Graphic illustration collection
Milestone Institute illustrations
Dribbble shots collection
Oreo artwork and animation
Icons and picto collection
Character collection
Barbie character design
Another Character collection
David and goliath tee
Africa is awesome
Health 24 infographic
MTN animated gifs
LEO pharma
The island
City of Port Elizabeth
Archive of awesome
happy holidays
Cafe racing
conceptual editorial
Venice Beach ( spot illustrations )
Summer love
Various illustrations ( 2010- )
Skater animated gif
Stand and deliver
smirnoff packaging
St Paul
Drawings ( ongoing )
The Folks
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